it's time for you to reach a new level

Hard work alone isn’t enough to reach your cycling potential — if you want to get faster, you need to train with direction. Cinch Cycling combines the world's best data-driven training methodology with expert guidance to give you the most effective and efficient program for cyclists and triathletes. Join our athletes in experiencing the premium level of power, knowledge, and continuous improvement. 

we will align our PROGRAM with your life 

  • Built and adjusted to your lifestyle, ability, and aspirations.
  • The most advanced, structured interval training available which makes ample training time COUNT.
  • 7 strategic 4-week phases bring you to the highest level of fitness and lots of variety.
  • Each workout is prescribed in calculated data-driven intervals to make progress possible. 
  • Constant communication educates you on the process and helps you improve your cycling.
  • Unique and new workouts each week keep you fresh and motivated.
  • Customized to prepare you for your specific goals.
  • Continuous accountability and feedback to track your progress.

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