Hors Category

Hors Category means "without ranking."  This are the highest level, most sought after climbs in the world.  HC climbs are where the experts go to make their mark.  Our Hors Category coaching program is just this.  You will work one on one personally with Cinch Cycling founder and coach Tom Danielson.  The HC Program leaves the others in the dust as you will benefit from Tom's expertise and personal touch to guide you to a level you never thought possible. This program is for the leader, who loves hard work, that wants large fitness gains quickly.  The Hors Category program uses our data-driven, Cinch Training System training program to give razor sharp direction in maximizing performance gains while minimizing plateaus.  To ensure maximal improvement in minimal time we have a three-prongued attack to your training program: communication, analysis, and modification.  With the HC Program , your progression takes top priority within our company.  If you like to set challenging goals but have a full schedule, then this is the program for you.   

$500 / Month

  • No Start-Up Fee
  • No Contract


With the Hors Category you get:

1. Working one on one with Coach Tom Danielson with your training program to lead you to quantifiable results, quickly, using world class, data-driven methodology. 

2. Daily/weekly adjustments to the workouts as needed to adapt to schedule changes or fitness changes to ensure the fastest, most effective improvement.

3. Unlimited coach communication. 

4. Expert analysis with all equipment for events as well as bike fit when needed.

5. Nutrition and Sports Psychology plan on and off the bike.

6. Ride/event/race tactics and strategy custom for your events and competitions.

7. Frequent data analysis. 

8. Daily strength/ core training program.

9. Nutrition and Sports Psychology plan on and off the bike.

10. Weight management assistance.

11. Become part of our community of like-minded, goal driven individuals.


The Hors Category is right for you if:

  • You would like an intense and focused coach/athlete relationship that is process-driven (results come but are the product of hard work)
  • You have specific goals or performances in events you would like to meet
  • You thrive off of structure and attention to detail.
  • You would like your training to be data driven (Numbers that are inputs that show you a clear path to your goal, not only an analysis of past performances)
  • You are interested in understanding and gaining control in rides and events through tactics and strategy that is inline with your training.
  • You would find working with someone on sports psychology and nutrition would be useful.
  • Your life is fast paced and you would like immediate solutions to illness, injury, and schedule changes to limit losing avoidable progress and time towards goals/events.
  • You feel like being part of a community and a team is an asset
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