CINCH Cycling Group Riding Clinic

"take comfort and safety into your own hands"


SUnday March 19th

ICON Eyecare

10520 El Diente Ct A, Englewood, CO 80112




Group riding is a big part of cycling and perhaps the most fun thing you can do on two wheels.  It brings the fitness aspect of the sport together with the social component.   However, when you bring a group of cyclists on skinny tires close together on open roads, it can be a negative experience when accidents happen.  Instead of worrying about others' poor riding, take your safety and comfort into your own hands!  CINCH has put together a program and course to teach you some unique skills to make your experience fun and safe.  To teach this we will break this course into two parts:

1. Performance (How to ride stronger and more efficient)

2. Safety (How to feel secure and stay upright out on the roads)


Group Ride Performance Skills :

  • POSITIONING:  Where is the right place for you to ride in your group? How to start the ride there and how to stay there.
  • IT'S YOUR TURN TO PULL:  What do you do when you are on the front of your group?  Where do you go when you are done?
  • SURFING THE TERRAIN: What the heck is this and how do I do it?
  • CADENCE SELECTION: What is the right cadence for my group ride?
  • OVERLAP THOSE WHEELS!: What? I thought I was supposed to avoid this?
  • SENSE OF URGENCY: The foundation of riding in groups!  
  • "SCHLECKING": A move I learned I watching in the TDF from Andy and Frank
  • STANDING: When to do it and how to use for both accelerating and slowing down.
  • EATING AND DRINKING:  How to do it!


Group Ride Safety Skills:

  • ESCAPE ROUTE: You must have one at all times and be set up to take it.
  • PREDICTABLE PEDALING: Stop throwing grenades in your group!
  • USE THOSE BRAKeS!: Brakes are not used for emergency only.
  • THE HIPS DON'T LIE: Shakira knows just where to look in a group ride!
  • OVERLAP THOSE WHEELS FOR SAFETY!: What?!?!?!  Yes, overlapping wheels IS safe.
  • WHERE IS THE LOCAL BAR?: Knowing where your neighbor's bars are at all times is CRITICAL
  • GO STRAIGHT!: When in doubt... GO STRAIGHT!!!!!



After we go over each one of these skills in a classroom setting we will go outside and practice each skill one at a time.  Tom Danielson and the CINCH instructors  will work with each person individually and then again in small groups on the isolated skills.  The focus will be showing each person exactly how to master each skill on it's own, outside of the group.  Body position, balance, and focus point will be addressed with each skill.  When everyone demonstrates they have mastered the specific skills we will then hit the quiet roads to practice together.



The last exercise of the day will be to put everyone together as one group and ride like peloton.  We will do laps around the quite Meridian loop as a group and switching riders every lap.  Each cyclist will practice riding in the front, middle, and back while being assisted from CINCH instructors.  The goal will be to have a smooth and functional group by the end of the session.


Back to school:

After the group session we will head back to the classroom to go over the day.  We will recap everything from the day in addition to opening it up for questions (although you will be able to ask questions throughout the day.)


Hope to see you Sunday!!!  Click here to sign up.