Category 1

Category 1 climbs are some of the most incredible mountains that exist.  To scale them you need power.  The Cinch Category 1 program is a data-driven power based training program.  You will work with our team of coaches overseen by coach Tom Danielson as we put you through the paces with the Cinch Training System training program.  This program is for the athlete who wants the best program, loves to data, has a power meter, and has a constant schedule.

$350 / Month

  • No start-up fee
  • No contracts  


With the Category 1 you get:

1.  A custom built training program to lead you to quantifiable results using world class, data-driven methodology. 

2. Coach communication as you need. 

3. Expert data analysis weekly

4. Daily strength/ core training program.

5. Become part of our community of like-minded, goal driven individuals.



The Category 1 is right for you if:

  • You would like coach/athlete relationship that is process-driven (results come but are the product of hard work) that is reliable, but more relaxed.
  • You have specific goals or performances in events you would like to meet
  • You enjoy structure and attention to detail, but not consumed by it.
  • You would like your training to be data driven (Numbers that are inputs that show you a clear path to your goal, not only an analysis of past performances)
  • You would like to improve your nutrition on and off the bike, but not change it.
  • Your work and family schedule is predictable and your training plan would not require many schedule edits to remain effective.  
  • You feel like being part of a community and a team is an asset.
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