Become a "Black Belt" of Cycling.

 A black belt in karate is a respected individual who puts in time and commitment to their sport.  They have a community around them in which they train and compete with that also serves as a support structure.  While their training is intense and at a high level, they are comfortable in their identity as not a professional athlete.  Also, the black belt possesses the highest level of skills as the result of a high level of training program and dedication.  But most importantly, after the black belt trains hard he/she returns their focus to their family and work.  This athlete, the black belt of cycling, is what our Cinch athletes become on the bike.

Cinch Cycling Coaching to brings the best of cycling training experience directly to you.  Whether you are a rider or racer, your cycling experience is driven by your daily training and riding routine.  To have the best training experience you must feel motivated for each day knowing you are working towards measurable progress and accomplishment. Cinch Cycling Coaching is about giving you the motivation, training program, and support you need to become a "black belt" of cycling.


motivation (the daily process) 

The true sign of motivation is in your first step out of bed.  Does it have purpose?  Ask yourself, when you plant your foot on the floor, is it firm with direction, or reluctant with uncertainty?  With Cinch Cycling we want to give you a daily process that get's you out of bed each day before the alarm goes off.  We want your morning  coffee to tastes better as it now will fuel your morning workout.   We want the song on the radio during your drive home from work to pump you up for your evening ride!  With Cinch Cycling we will help you build a daily process that will positively affect you life as a whole. 

a data-driven program (the training)

Now age and time are no longer limiters for you.  We have designed the most advanced training program which will give you the ultimate workout and drive endless progression.  This program will also give you real-world ability as you will train specific skills and learn how to apply them. To achieve this our program is designed around 10 custom zones that will translate into actual performances in cycling events and rides.  With Cinch you will stop training for tests (FTP) and start training for riding at the front of rides and races alike.  For the program to work the best, the athlete will need to commit 1 hour, 3 times during the work week and 1 ride of 1.5-2 hours on the weekend.  



support (a community of experts and peers)

We are not just a training plan, we are true coaching.  No matter what level of a program you sign up for, you will get the unlimited support you need.  We truly coach you by giving you expert and constructive feedback from your workouts.  Outside of your questions and needs, we also will initiate communication from our end when we have questions or simply just to check in.  Our community within our business stands alone from the rest as we have a physical therapist, a medical doctor, a sleep doctor, a bike fitter, a massage therapist, and a nutritional expert who work closely with our team.  Finally, our clients all become part of our athlete community which support  one another.  Despite being spread out all across the world, we connect our athletes (if they would like) with each other over social media, email/phone, virtually through ZWIFT, and in person (at events, rides, and camps).  Support and positive reinforcement is an area we take very seriously and we believe  is key to our athletes longevity in the sport.