Become a Blackbelt of cycling

You have a job, a family, and limited time but want to get a lot better with your cycling passion.  You've come to the right place as we will coach you to become stronger, smarter, leaner, and a more complete rider on the bike.  All within the current life constraints you have.  Welcome to Cinch.

Build power and fitness you can feel

Each of our SPECIFIC ZONES are built around lactate values and their correlating energy systems.  Training in these zones causes increases in overall fitness in the areas where is counts as well as builds you new fitness abilities.  We show you how to use these new zones in training rides and your events.   

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Big measurable improvement with less

Over the first six months working together, on average, our athletes experience a 30% gain in their lactate threshold.  These results have been made following our protocol training which requires as little of 6 hours/week.  Our unique system makes every minute training the most effective.  

a unique strategy

Goals and objectives are great to have, but they won't happen unless you build and execute a strategy.  We build a custom training strategy for each client using a calculated approach while working within the constraints of their life.  Perspective is factored in when developing strategy to ensure the correct motivational drivers are in focus for each different client.  Training is fun and it is important each client enjoys their training strategy.  Finally, each client's training strategy must be as precise as possible as their time to train is limited.  To do this we utilize technology in the form of power meters, heart rate monitors, and GPS devices to define the process clearly.  See our WHOLE-PART-WHOLE coaching strategy.

Action Plan for you to follow

Our action plan revolves around our CAM (Communication, Analysis, and Modification) methodology.  Following these guidelines, we implement a time-line to our clients goals with our custom "10-speed transmission" training zone system.  Taking a calculated approach with each zone, we are able to make every minute training as effective as possible.  In addition to creating and improving our clients values in each zone, we educate them how to properly use them during rides and events.  Our action plan builds our clients exceptional levels of fitness, but also gives them the tools to use it.



What gets measured gets completed.  Great coaching is not all about training programs.  It is also about making sure they get done.  The majority of our clientele are time-crunched individuals who have to MAKE time for their training.  To keep them on track in their action plan, monitor their progress, and deepen our communication we have created our own "report card."  This internal accountability protocol shows the athlete real-time progress such as their monthly 10-zone improvement and their workout "attendance."  With our accountability process you will find yourself more motivated than ever. 

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