Coaching Packages


Hors Category

  • Our premium level of service.
  • One-on-one accountability with coach Tom Danielson (defined weekly objectives).
  • Workouts and zones adjusted real-time to see the fastest results.
  • Schedule adjusted to fit work travel/life commitments to keep maximal progression.
  • Nutritional support on and off the bike.
  • Off-the-bike exercises.
  • Workouts designed and adjusted to keep you motivated.
  • Access to coach Tom Danielson at any time.

Hors Category translates to "without ranking."  This are the highest level, most sought after climbs in the world.  HC climbs are where the experts go to make their mark.  Our Hors Category coaching program is just this.  You will work one on one personally with Cinch Cycling founder and coach Tom Danielson.  The HC Program leaves the others in the dust as you will benefit from Tom's expertise and personal touch to guide you to a level you never thought possible. This program is for the leader, who loves hard work, that wants large fitness gains quickly.  The Hors Category program uses our data-driven, Cinch Training System training program to give razor sharp direction in maximizing performance gains while minimizing plateaus.  To ensure maximal improvement in minimal time we have a three-prongued attack to your training program: communication, analysis, and modification.  With the HC Program , your progression takes top priority within our company.  If you like to set challenging goals but have a full schedule, then this is the program for you. 

$500 / month



Category 1

  • A level of service higher than other coaching programs.
  • High-level accountability with the Cinch Coaching team (monthly report cards)
  • Workouts and zones custom built to you and specific for your lifestyle.
  • Schedule designed with the highest fitness "return on investment" to you time invested.
  • Workouts built to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Access to the Cinch Coaching team as needed.

*Power meter required

Category 1 climbs are some of the most incredible mountains that exist.  To scale them you need power and that is what this program is about.  The Cinch Category 1 program is a data-driven power based training program.  You will work with our team of coaches overseen by coach Tom Danielson as we put you through the paces with the Cinch Training System training program.  This program is for the athlete who wants the best program, loves to data, has a power meter, and has a constant schedule.  

$350 / Month    


Category 2

  • The best training package for athletes without a power meter available.
  • High-level accountability with the Cinch Coaching team (monthly report cards)
  • Workouts and zones custom built to you and specific for your lifestyle.
  • Schedule designed with the highest fitness "return on investment" to you time invested.
  • Workouts built to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Access to the Cinch Coaching team as needed.

*No power meter required.

Category 2 climbs have all the great components of the 1 and HC, but a little less intense.  Our Category 2 coaching program is designed  to provide an entry level of coaching to cyclists  interested in improving their fitness  and performance.  Clients will work with our coaching team and received a simplified version of our Cinch Training System training plan.  Essentially this program is for a new cyclist  which will give you a taste of Cinch while taking you to that next level.  If you would like to try our coaching, but you don't have a power meter, this is the option for you. 

$250 / month  

Contact us: info@cinchcycling.com or call 970.439.2887


Cycling Camps




Cinch Cycling's Dolomiti Challenge - June 17-25th, 2017

We take our Challenge concept straight to the Dolomites.  We've teamed up with Italian Chef Fabio Fagiello to make this 7-day adventure over the top.  Over this journey you will be treated like you are in a stage race.  Each day there will be a schedule, a stage, start and finish locations, delicious meals, and challenges.  The group will be broken into teams in which you will work together to compete against one another for the day's jerseys (Pink, Polka Dot, and Green) over Italy's most iconic climbs.   Don't miss this experience of a life-time.  


Cinch Cycling's Colorado Challenge - July 24-30th, 2017

This is our hometown Challenge and it won't disappoint for 2017!  This year we will have the the start in Fort Collins, CO and the finish in Denver, CO.  Over the 7 days you will ride a route no other camp or tour would attempt.  You will ride the breathe taking (literally) climbs of Trail Ridge Road, Berthoud Pass, Loveland Pass, Hoosier Pass, Pikes Peak, and Lookout Mtn.  See Colorado next summer in an event you won't want to miss out on!



Contact us: info@cinchcycling.com or call 970.439.2887

Our Story

Cinch coachingride1.jpg


"I want to help you to become a "black belt" in cycling"
-Tom Danielson, Founder and Coach

When I retired from professional cycling I realized that the majority of people participating in the sport were not professional racers nor were they aspiring professional racers.  It sounds silly, but my whole life I had seen cycling from one perspective.  Eat, sleep, and train because it was my job.  I always would see other cyclists out on the road but I assumed they were "just riding."  I realized that the majority of cyclists I saw out on the road were training just as focused as I was.  In fact, despite most not being racers, cycling consumed their lives just as it did mine.  I became interested in these athletes because, like me now, they had families and jobs they had to balance with their cycling passion.  As I got to spend more time with them, I saw many common problems they were experiencing.  All had very little time for training and most were older.  Because  of this, the standard ingredients for them to get better  of "more time and/or more intensity" were not possible.  This left the majority of these athletes at a crossroads with their cycling and on a seemly endless plateau.  I believed I had the solution to this problem and this is how Cinch Cycling started!  

My objective with Cinch Cycling is to turn you, the older and time-limited cyclist into a "black belt."  What is this?  A black belt in karate is a respected individual who puts in time and commitment to their sport.  They have a community around them in which they train and compete with that also serves as a support structure.  While their training is intense and at a high level, they are comfortable in their identity as not a professional athlete.  Also, the black belt possesses the highest level of skills as the result of a high level of training program and dedication.  But most importantly, after the black belt trains hard he/she returns their focus to their family and work.  This athlete, the black belt of cycling, is what our Cinch athletes become on the bike.

 To create this "black belt of cycling" I developed a program that is the backbone of Cinch Cycling.  This program takes a three pronged approach:  motivation (the daily process), a data-driven program (the training), and support (a community of experts and peers).  

In one year I am proud of what we have accomplished with Cinch Cycling.  We coach now over 100 athletes all of which improve approximately 10 watts a month!  This is due to their high levels of motivation, an incredible  training program, and having our Cinch Coaching team and community behind them.   We are transforming cyclists across the world to become black belts of cycling while remaining high performers in their lives off the bike.  


Tom Danielson

Cinch Cycling Founder and Coach


a training program and system like no other.

Hard work alone isn’t enough to reach your cycling potential — if you want to get faster, you need to train with direction. Cinch Cycling combines the world's best data-driven training methodology with expert guidance to give you the most effective and efficient program for cyclists and triathletes. Join our athletes in experiencing the premium level of power, knowledge, and continuous improvement.


  • The most advanced, structured interval training available, the Cinch Training System.
  • 7 strategic 4-week phases bring you to the highest level of fitness.
  • Each workout is prescribed in calculated data-driven intervals. 
  • Constant communication educates you on the process and helps you improve.
  • Unique and new workouts each week keep you fresh and motivated.
  • Customized to prepare you for your specific goals.
  • Built and adjusted to your lifestyle, ability, and aspirations.
  • Continuous accountability and feedback to track your progress.



Contact us: info@cinchcycling.com or call 970.439.2887


our clients feel...



"When I began training with Cinch, my FTP was around 313w and my comfort cadence was around 85rpm. After 5 months, my threshold is 380w and my comfort cadence is 95-100rpm. In addition, Cinch helped me climb Pike's Peak, the second most difficult cycling climb in the US!" - Matt G



"This is the most motivated I have ever been to ride my bike.  It is easy for me to excited to ride each day knowing that you have a plan for me.  With big gains I've seen, I find the motivation continues to build each month.  Cinch truly is a great cycle of motivation for me." Scott F


"Ironically, since joining Cinch, my power numbers have increased dramatically and my feelings of fatigue have decreased dramatically. I have not had the slightest niggle of an overuse injury since starting.  I used to ride my bike as hard as I could on every ride.  Part about the program is have to throttle back during rest/recovery periods.  After seeing my gains, I now get it that holding back is just as much about performance as pushing it." -Ken B

Contact us: info@cinchcycling.com or call 970.439.2887